Saturday, October 25, 2014


From 1960-1970, the population of Hesston increased by 75%, due to the boom of the Hesston Corporation.  From 1970 to 2000, the population increased again by over 80%.  This can be compared to around a 9% growth in population in Newton over the same 40 year time period.

During this time the tax base - the total of all assessed valuation in Hesston increased from about $5,000,000 to well over $25,000,000.  This occurred in spite of the loss from the tax rolls of millions of dollars of manufacturer's inventory during the 1980's.

Hesston became a significant employer for this entire region - a veritable job juggernaut.  Recent census reports show 1,775 people in the work force living in Hesston.  For that same period, our top four employers in Hesston, including Schowalter Villa, employed over 2,000 people.  This total does not include our other large, mid-range and smaller employers.