Sunday, December 17, 2017
Ken Schwanke

507 W Lincoln Blvd
Hesston, KS 67062
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King Park:  500 N. Ridge Road, Hesston, Kansas. This is the largest city park other than the municipal golf course.  It is located on the southeast corner of  the intersection of Lincoln Blvd. and Ridge Road and features a large shelter house, play equipment. 

Heritage Park:  309 East Knott, Hesston, Kansas. Located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Ridge Road and East Knott Street.  This park features a shelter house, play equipment and a well shaded picnic and play area.

Childrens Park:  301 West Knott, Hesston, Kansas. Located on the southwest corner of the intersection of North Hess and West Knott Street.  It features a children’s play area and the city softball diamond. 

Hickory Park:     400 East Hickory, Hesston, Kansas. Located on the northeast corner of the intersection of South Ridge Road and East Hickory Streets.  It features an open shelter and play area.

Emma Creek Park:  1100 East Hickory, Hesston, Kansas. Located on the south side of the Hesston Municipal Golf Park and fronts on Hickory along Emma Creek which lies east of the intersection of East Hickory and Old 81 Highway.

Hesston Dog Park:  505 West Lincoln, Hesston, Kansas.  Located on the east side of the city maintenance shop.  It may be accessed 700 feet west of the intersection of Lincoln Blvd and Old 81 Highway. 

Interstate Park:  9226 North Ridge Road, Hesston, Kansas.  This park lies on the east side of I-135 between Lincoln Blvd. and Ridge Road.  It must be accessed on a gravel entrance road just north of the overpass over the interstate on Ridge road.  It features a small fishing pond and a rustic picnic setting.

Hesston Municipal Golf Park:  5620 East Randall Street, Hesston, Kansas.  This highly rated 18 hole golf course lies along the west side of I-135.  It is accessed on Yost Drive which is south of Lincoln Blvd on East Randall Street.

Aquatic Park:  Located just to the south of King Park along Ridge Road, this park is full of low impact spray water features for children of ages 5-12 and an intermediate skate park for ages 5-12...and beyond!