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Housing Incentive

Wood Block HouseThe City of Hesston has established a Housing Incentive Program for new housing aimed at encouraging growth within the city limits of Hesston, Kansas. A grant of $1,000 will be given to any qualified homebuyer or investors at the time of closing for a new, single family or duplex residential property within the city limits. In order to qualify the buyer must enter into a contract with a realtor, developer or contractor. Eligible homes may be site built or modular constructed to the International Building Code 2012 on a permanent foundation or basement. All contractors must be licensed by the City of Hesston. The grants will be on a first come first serve basis until the monies are expended.

Application Process
  1.   The applicant must be a qualified home buyer who enters into a contract with a licensed builder, realtor and/or a developer during the designated time period.
  2.   A copy of the contract shall be attached to the application along with a loan approval by a qualified lender.
  3.   A building permit must be purchased and issued.
  4.   All construction shall be performed by contractors licensed by the City of Hesston.
  5.   Periodic inspections must be performed as required by city code for a building permit.
  6.   A certificate of occupancy must be issued by the building inspector.
To apply (pick one)
Housing Incentive Program brochure (pdf) with more information

Builder Interest Incentives
Builders see our Affordable Spec Home Builder Interest Incentives (pdf) application.

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