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All of Hesston KS

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TextMyGov Hesston KS - Report Flyer
Text us to find city information
or Report Issues

You can text the City of Hesston to find information or report issues about City Council meetings, events, recycling, utilities, pay your bill, taxes, city garage sales, fireworks discharge dates, view the city calendar and much more information.
(Just text 1 or 2 words only)

Save the city’s text messaging number to your phone and text “Hi” or use any of the keywords from the keywords list whenever you need it.

Try it today

text  Hi  to the City of Hesston at: (620) 869-6688

To report an issue and get a response from staff, type any of the following keywords:
Dog barking | Stray | Loose Animal | Roadkill | Dead animal | Animal control | Pothole | Drainage | Ice | Snow | Light | Sign | Signal | Sidewalk | Missed pickup | Recycle | Debris | Sanitation | Collection | Other

TextMyGov Hesston KS - Notifications Flyer 2
Receive City text alerts

Sign up to receive general City notifications via text message.
Get updates such as Water Leaks, Street Closures, Trash Pickup changes, Cold weather gas emergencies, etc., sent directly to your phone.
Get Started:
Text the word  Hesston  to: 91896
To receive Official Public Notices only, by text, click here.

What to Expect
After the initial keyword "Hesston" is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in.

How to Opt Out:

Texting STOP at any time will remove yourself from all notification lists. 
Msg & Data rates apply. Msg frequency varies.
Text HELP for questions.
View terms and privacy policy info at textmygov.com/opt-in-terms-conditions.

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