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Controlled Burns In Harvey County

There is always an associated risk with controlled burns. The Harvey County Commissioners have determined that uncontrolled and unauthorized open fires may present a danger to property and persons.

Controlled burns may Only take place after Harvey County Communications Center (911) is notified.
Notification must be made within one (1) hour of the anticipated time that burning will begin and must include:
  1. Location of the proposed burn and estimated acreage
  2. Time burn will start
  3. Estimated burn time length
  4. Name of responsible party
  5. Phone number at the burn site
Fire Breaks Are Required
  • Field Fire - 20 feet around all sides of any field burn. 
  • Non-Field Fire - At least 100 feet from any structure.
Bon Fires are considered controlled burns

Burns will be denied under the following conditions
  • If a burn ban is in effect
  • Fire Index is Very High, Extreme, or Catastrophic
    • No controlled burns will be approved up to 2 days in advance of a forecasted fire index of Very High, Extreme, or Catastrophic.
  • Wind speeds are 15 MPH or higher, including gusts
  • Other specific reasons
    • Fire Department is busy or understaffed
    • Time of day
    • Request of Fire Department
Items Prohibited from Burning
No Burning symbol

  • Building materials
  • Chemicals
  • Tires

Any controlled burn Not Reported to and Approved by Harvey County Communications
shall be subject to citation and fines. Harvey County resolution 2011-5 open burning.

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