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School Resource Officer

The purpose of the Hesston School Resource Officer (SRO) program is to “bridge the gap” between law enforcement and youth. This purpose is best accomplished by using the NASRO TRIAD model: Full Time Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), Teacher (Guest Speaker), and Informal Counselor (Mentor).

Vance Frick - Serving Since 2020Our School Resource Officer, Vance Frick, has been a member of the Hesston Police Department since 2020. He started out as a patrol officer then moved into the SRO position in 2021. Prior to Hesston PD, SRO Frick was a Game Warden with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

As the Hesston SRO, Frick is committed to being visible within the school community to help deter criminal activity and student misconduct, attending and participating in school functions, building working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with students and parents, initiating interactions with students in the classroom, promoting the profession of law enforcement and being a positive role model to students, working with staff members to establish a safe and secure learning environment, and being an advocate on behalf of faculty members for emergency response training.

SRO Frick is trained in school-based policing and crisis response, and is assigned by the Hesston Police Department to work with the school using community-oriented policing concepts. He is a member of, and has completed the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) basic and advanced school resource officer courses, as well as the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center basic and advanced SRO courses. SRO Frick is also trained in the Kansas ChildFirst forensic interviewing protocol for interviewing children.

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