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Utility Billing


Utility Billing
Payment Options | New Service | Bill Schedule | Usage, Rates, & Fees | Collections

Bills are due by the 12th of each month.
Avoid late fees by using Automatic ACH.
For questions about your bill, call City Hall at (620) 327-4412.

Payment Options
  • Automatic ACH from your checking account with No additional Fees. (Recommended)
    The draft can be taken out either the 2nd or the 11th of the month.
    You will still receive your monthly bill by US mail.
    Download the ACH form (pdf) and bring it in with your voided check.
  • Pay online. View bill anytime for no charge. ($2.00 per payment transaction)
  • Drop off your payment at one of two boxes conveniently located by City Hall 115 E Smith St.
    There is a drive-up tan box located on the south side of the cul-de-sac just west of City Hall. We also have a walk-up drop box to the right side of the City Hall entrance doors. Of course, during city business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm), you can drop off your payments inside.
  • Mail your check to: City of Hesston Utilities, PO Box 100, Hesston KS 67062.
    Note: Your bank's online bill pay can take 7 days or more to reach us. Even if the bank takes the money out of your account prior to the due date, if it does not arrive at the city office in time, you will be assessed a late penalty. We recommend Automatic ACH to avoid any late penalties.
    Returned/bad check fee: $20.00
Need assistance paying your utility bill?
New Utility Service
Applications for Service
For internet service see Media Providers.
For electric service contact Evergy at (800) 383-1183 | https://www.evergy.com/contact-us
Fees & Deposit Amounts
  • Account Set Up Fee - $20.00 (new connections, re-connections, and transfers)
  • Gas Deposit* - $100.00 (applies to rentals and lease-purchased homes)
  • Water Deposit* - $50.00 (applies to rentals and lease-purchased homes)
* No deposit required for home owners.
* Business deposit amounts are determined by projected monthly charges or default deposit above, whichever is higher.
* You may request your residential deposit back after twenty-four (24) consecutive months of on-time payments.
* You may request your commercial or industrial deposit back after sixty (60) consecutive months of on-time payments.
Ordinance: 150-1987-016, 110-1987-048, 110-2011-072

Utility Bill Schedule
  • Bills are mailed out by the end of each month. Please call City Hall if you have not received your bill by the 5th of the month.
  • Bills are always due by the 12th of the month. Additional fees are charged for late payments.
  • Bills not paid by the 25th of the month will result in your services being disconnected. To have your services reconnected, you will need to pay additional deposit, a reconnect fee, and the full balance of the amount due. Late payments must be made at the city office before 3:30 pm for same day reinstatement of services.
Usage Rates & Fees (per month for city residents)
Service Minimum Additional Charge
Why are my natural gas bills higher? (pdf)
$9.00 - 1st 1000 cubic feet $8.45 per 1000 cubic feet
over minimum
+/- fuel adjustment based on market rates
Gas Surcharge (expires 2031) $1.90 per 1000 cubic feet --
Water $10.00 - 1st 3000 gallons $4.10 per 1000 gallons
over minimum
Water Protection Fee
(Learn more about the Water Protection Fee)
$0.032 per 1000 gallons --
Sewer* $13.00 $3.25 per 1000 gallons
Weekly Trash / Recycling $18.00 $7.75 per additional trash cart
$10.25 per additional recycle cart
*Sewer rates are calculated once a year by averaging the monthly water usage from November 15th through March 15th. The new sewer rate, calculated by this average, will show up on your May 1st bill.
Water may also be purchased in large volume several ways.
  • Self service station using quarters at the city shop located at 505 W Lincoln Blvd, Hesston.
    The rate is 84 gallons per 25 cents. (Tax included)
  • Water meter attached to a fire hydrant at a location convenient to you. This can be used for longer term usage. Contact City Hall by calling (620) 327-4412 or stop by 115 E Smith St to get started by setting up a commercial utility account. See New Utility Service above. (Water rates in the Usage Rates & Fees table above.)
Ordinance: 150-2021-038 gas surcharge, 110-2023-073 water rates,100-2013-074 sewer rates

Persons who fail to pay their utility bills are turned over to the Kansas Setoff Program. If you have questions concerning this program you may call (785) 296-4628 or
visit: https://admin.ks.gov/offices/accounts-reports/state-agencies/finance/setoff-program
Ordinance: 110-1988-050 payment & non-payment, 150-1986-015 payments & connection fees, 150-1984-011 payment & non-payment

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