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Free Reserve-A-Dumpster Program

Free Reserve-A-Dumpster Program
Temporary Trash Clean-Up Container
Brought to you by Nisly Brothers, Inc. and the City of Hesston
This program is only available to neighborhoods or residents inside the city and has limited availability at no charge to residents.

Nisley Trash Dumpster with EmployeeResidents may request the Reserve-A-Dumpster Program for any residence in the City of Hesston by calling Nisly Brothers at (866) 662-6561. Space must be available for the 8 cubic yard container to be placed by the curb on the street in front of the residence. Three containers are available in rotation and will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis. The pickup and dumping of the trash is at no charge to City of Hesston residents.

To learn more go to: Reserve-A-Dumpster

Bulk Cardboard Drop Off Location Is Moving
Nisly is also providing two dumpsters for residents to use where bulk cardboard can be dropped off. This would be for cardboard that won’t fit in the residential recycle containers. The two cardboard dumpsters that are located at the SE corner of South Ridge Road and Old 81 Hwy will be moved to the city shop located at 505 W Lincoln Blvd and will be staged just south of the shop building.

Proposed June City-Wide Clean-up or Trash Pickup day changes.
Over the past 50 years, Nisly has moved towards containerization, mechanical waste collection to reduce risk of injuries, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Details of the program:
  1. City Cleanup Day 2023 on June 17, 2023 as usual
  2. City provides space at City Shop for unused containers
  3. Nisly keeps 3 8-yd trash containers at City Shop for residents to use (three each week)
  4. Nisly keeps 1 8-yd trash container at City Shop for residents to bring bulky items
  5. Nisly coordinates the schedule
  6. Residents call Nisly at (866) 662-6561 and Nisly schedules up to three containers each week for residents
  7. Wednesday - Nisly delivers empty containers and removes full containers to city shop.
  8. Nisly empties the full containers at shop before Wednesday.
  9. Repeat weekly.
  10. Proposed - No city-wide "Cleanup Day 2024"*
* This temporary change to the city-wide cleanup is being tested through the end of 2023 and will be evaluated for permanent change at that time. Public comments regarding these changes are welcome by calling city hall to express your opinion. 

Advantages of dumpster program:
  • If a resident needs encouragement to clean up - recommend a dumpster
  • Available all year long
  • Nisly pays for disposal, not City
  • Trash is in a container, not on the ground
  • Less problem with scavengers scattering trash
  • Residents reserve a dumpster for the week that works for them
To summarize: call Nisly at (866) 662-6561 to reserve a dumpster that will be delivered to your home on a Wednesday, will remain for your use for a week, then will be picked up the following Wednesday. You can also drop off bulk cardboard and allowed trash anytime by utilizing the containers located at the city shop.

If the Reserve-A-Dumpster Program is successful this year and adopted by residents, it would replace the Annual City-Wide Clean-Up starting in 2024.