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Covid-19-Phase Three Implemented

Following the guidance of the Harvey County reopening plan, the Harvey County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday morning to move forward into phase three effective Wednesday, June 3. It is scheduled to be in place through June 16.

The Commission increased mass gathering limits to 45 people. The plan allows education, activities, venues and establishments to operate while following public health guidelines.

The local plan still restricts in-person visits at long-term care facilities. However, residents of independent or assisted living facilities that are not in a shared facility may receive visitors.

The plan allows for in-person visitation to resume at the Harvey County Detention Center. Visitation will resume as of June 8.

The Harvey County Health Department continues to encourage maintaining 6 feet of social distance, wearing face covers when social distance cannot be maintained and frequent hand washing.

The Commission is anticipated to re-evaluate the local order at its June 16 meeting. The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at the Harvey County Courthouse. The meeting will be open to the public, while following mass gathering guidance and social distancing guidelines.

You can find the Harvey County Health Reopening Plan in full here: www.harveycounty.com/images/news/Harvey%20County%20Reopening%20Plan%205_26_20.pdf